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Looking To Hire goonZ

Due to growth within my own label, rebuilding that, and focusing on marketing & merchandising, I'm sure you all have noticed a decline in posts from this site. I have a lot of plans currently in works to continue bringing fresh underground content to you all, but I am only one goon. I fall short at the end of the day, and it saddens me because this platform isn't for my label. I started We Are The Madness Radio for the people, Both the LISTENERS, and the ARTISTS. People looking for something new and fresh to hear, and the people that are looking to get heard. Artists to network, and increase the fan base at their shows. All of this has been paid for out of my own pocket and with my time and effort. I want this to keep going so I need some goonZ to step in. I'm not asking for financial help but at the same time, I will not be able to pay you. You will earn Merch, Tickets, Custom Memorabilia, and other exclusive deals from the work you do. I am needing Street Team Promoters from all over, both online and in the streets. I also am looking for a few people to help Web Admin for the Site, our Youtube Page, as well as the soon to be launched Facebook Page! Again this will not be for me and my label (Psychomantium Productions) This will be for the 'We Are The Madness' platform, and all the artists that get involved in it from now till the end of its existence. I'm not asking for 4-8 hours of your day. I'm looking for a team to help build something this scene truely needs with just a little bit of their spare time. So to those still reading, who is willing to help me build something next level and show the world that We Are The Madness!!!!

Contact Me @ FACEBOOK or GMAIL
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