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WeAreTheMadness Radio Is BACK!!!!

October 31, 2018

Special Halloween Themed Episode for them fiending dome drums of yours
Have a safe Halloween, see you at the next show!!!!
Check it out HERE!!!
Or DOwnload it HERE!!!

01. DJ Anti-Human - The Darkness
02. Malice - My World (feat. Razakel)
03. KZK - Nightmare House
04. Unbreakablez (XSP & Jon Triumph) - Texas Terror
05. Secrets Of Thirteen - CHOKE YA FACE X2
06. WeAreTheMadness Interlude (Prod. by DJ Anti-Human)
07. Aday - Ghosts N Roses
08. Shy One & CLAAS - Purgatory Roadtrip
09. Don Orias - Dead SIlence (Feat. SmallZ One)
10. Thommy Nekro - Maggots (Feat. MMMFD)
11. Mr Rage - Deep Dark Devil Shit
12. Suave Swagg - Fuck a Hater
13. Children of The Zodiac - Bodysnatchers
14. Amam Kabam - Morbid Stuff (Feat. King Voodoo)
15. Ross Kash - Wicked Thug
16. Sleepwalkas - Track 10 ( Sleepwalkas Ep (2006))
17. Dub Needle Infection - Die
18. HVLXG3N - Plug M3 In
19. Twitchblade - Knock Knock
20. Rap RejectZ - Monster Mash


September 22, 2018

We have hard copies available for $5 each if anyone is interested contact us on facebook HERE. If you would like to jam or share it around we have uploaded it you our youtube page. Click the cover art and crank that shit up! Thank you for your continued support. #GOONZQUAD #PMP

02. Opie.HALoGEN - NecrophiliA

03. Opie.HALoGEN Ft. Tinman The Anti-Human - Bridge Troll Swagg (Remix)
04. NASTY NUTTY - Mixed Reviews
05. Rap Rejects- Monster Mash
07. NASTY NUTTY Ft. Cody Zodiak - Street Justice
09. Tinman The Anti-Human Ft. Opie.HALoGEN - Human Centipede
10. Opie.HALoGEN Ft. NASTY NUTTY - crossroads



December 25, 2017

Got together some festive tunes for this special edition of WATM Radio, here is the tracklisting and a few links to get you bumping in no time!!!

Afroman - O Chronic Tree
Twiztid - Murder City Christmas
DieaboliK The Monster - Black X-Mas
CLAAS & Soundness Of Mind - Nightmare Before X-mas

Aqua Teen Hunger Force 
- I Sure Hope I Dont Have To Beat Your Ass This Christmas

Aday - Jingle Bell Robbery
Twitchblade - Slay Belles
Indo g - 12 days of Christmas
Cryptic Wisdom & Hopsin & D-mindz - The Meaning of Christmas
Tonez & Delusional - Dashing Threw Deezz Hoez
Graveplott & Riclox - Scumbag Christmas
Geno Cultshit Ft. Bloody Ruckus - Merry Cult Shit Christmas


Huge Update and Remodel Coming Soon!!!!

December 17, 2017

This site has been down for a few months now, but all of that will change very soon. Stay tuned for some new features and huge site make over. Thank you for your continued support!!!! #PMP


May 20, 2017 & Psychomantium Productions Presents:
Underground Legend Esham The Unholy
Live May 20th @ The Dirty 30 in Dallas TX.
THE ONLY TX DATE. First Headlining Tour thru DFW in over 10 Years!!!!!
$15 @ The Door - ALL AGES - Doors @ 6pm
DJ Waco kidd will be in the mix!!!! With FRESH Local Support from THESE ACTS:
FTW Music
Nasty Nutty
DIEkotomy HDP
Hidden Dojo Productions
Creature Clique
Tinman The Anti Human
Tour Including:

U4ik of Dallas, TX Signs with Wickid Tendency Records!!!

January 09, 2017

Underground Group, U4ik, recently signed a deal with Underground Label Wickid Tendency Records. Not sure if the details have been posted, but word is they have plenty of music to drop, and the sign has made them only grind harder! Growing in the local circuit over the last 13+ years this is definitely an opportunity to truly shine. Wickid Tendency Records, boasting to be the "home to some of the sickest underground shit you never heard!!", Is definitely a nice fit for these guys and there is already talk of a possible 30 city tour! I'm pretty excited for U4ik, they were one of the first artists to reach out to WATM Radio to expand their reach so maybe there will be some exclusives or premiers from these guys dropping soon! Shoot on over to their pages as linked above ^ and go ahead, like and share! Lets spread the MADNESS!!!!


Episode Two : What Are You Thankful For????

November 17, 2016

Please share around the links with your friends, shoot the artist a like, and bump this shit!!!!
or an MP3 from google drive also Youtube For those that prefer to just stream
Shout Outs to the Artists Involved Links to THEIR CONTENT In Order:
01. SumGuy - Smoke
02. Exile Twin - 6 Point 5 Slash 10
03. Children of the Zodiac - Bodysnatchers
04. Malice - Face of Death
05. Amam Kabam - Policestate
06. New Creation - Bringing It
07. The XSP - This Is Music
08. KZK - Sync Into Your Mind (Featuring Mr. Grey)
09. Sleepwalkaz - The Year We All Fear
10. T-Ryde - This Is My Hustle


October 17, 2016

As promised THIS is the first episode of a project that I hope will take off like crazy. Please share around the links with your friends, shoot the artist a like, and bump this shit!!!!
Soundcloud or an MP3 from google drive also
Youtube For those that prefer to just stream

Shout Outs to the Artists Involved Links to THEIR CONTENT In Order:
02. Tinman The Anti-Human - YOU WILL DIE Ft. Tim Torment
03. Killa No1ze - Fun and Games Ft. XEL
04. Sup3rsayin - Class Clown
05. Mile HIgh - Lost It

SHA-MAN Studios
True Juggalo Family

06. Twitchblade - Linguo
07. Opie.HALoGEN - NecrophiliA Produced by SUMGUY
08. FTW - 9 to 5
09. U4IK - Beatdown Boogaloo
10. Sin The Biblical Mistake - God Stats Prod. by Mozz Munster
11. CLAAS - IDRFWU Ft. SicNoiZeDnice
Thank You for listening!! #undergroundsupport
Check the events section for upcoming shows!

October Announcements!

October 01, 2016

We have decided to step up the reach of the site. With this we will be needing help from artists more than ever! Starting this month, we will be launching WE ARE THE MADNESS Radio! On the 17th of every month going forward, we will be dropping a podcast styled segment on the site, overloaded with underground flavor. Episode 1 will launch the day after the Lo Key Show in Ft. Worth on Oct. 16th! Hosted by yours truely (Opie.HALoGEN) and sutured together with the sounds of artists, truely underrated, unheard, and unsigned. Along with the show will be a Mixtape. The mixtape will be a free tape dropped every 3 months. So the first Tape will be in January. This tape will contain the hottest tracks played on WATM Radio over the past 3 months! In Cd format the first couple times, and eventually moving into a flash drive format, the WATM Radio Mixtapes will be something everyone will beable to benefit from! So spread the word, if you know an artist that would like FREE exposure in an area that currently has never heard them..... Ask them what they are waiting for?
Contact us at
or on Facebook at Opie.HALoGEN.

The Reason.......

September 27, 2016

So many times we have come across Artists that have not, only way I can say it is, fully evolved to their potential.... these "underground" artists could have everything it takes, but just haven't really been heard yet. A couple days ago an artist by the name of Killa No1ze reached out to me about getting on some shows. I hooked him up with a pair of tickets to the next show we will be at and told him I'd introduce him to the scene. Let him know about this site, and its mission and he shot me some links. I listened to the tracks he sent and immediately had to make a write up. He is the reason why we do this.... individuals just like him, with a voice to be heard. This may not reach alot of ppl, you may not still be reading, but with this post I'm sure atleast one more person will be reached... and thats like planting a seed. Support the Underground. Network. Share. Unity.  This kid is a beast. Black Rose drops this Halloween, cop that and support his dream!
Sneek Peek <---- BUMP THIS LINK!!!!!!


Check out the new joint 'No Plateau' by Flotation!

This Veteran emcee reached out to us recently to let us know about his latest release 'No Plateau'. We felt we should shed a little light on the topic! littered with collabs from some of DFW's freshest emcees, this 19 track masterpiece is just what any hip hop head needs when looking for underrated talent in the scene! You can check it out on the music page now or CLICK HERE if your as impatient as us! We have also included a link to a write-up by Producer/Audio Engineer, DJ Sean P! so head on over and check them out now! Support The Underground!

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juggalo | underground rap | horrorcore

'We are the madness that lurks within you all, begging to be free at every moment in your deepest animal mind. We are what you hide from in your beds every night. We are what you sedate into silence and paralysis when you go to the nocturnal haven where we cannot tread'...... WE ARE THE MADNESS!!!!!!!

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